Stainless steel polishing

service info Polishing is well known to embellish the finish of a wide variety of metals and alloys. It also presents a great challenge and can either when done well…
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MIG welding

service info Welding is a sculptural process that binds metallic based materials and thermoplastics. There are several different classifications of welding including MIG, Stick, TIG and Flux Cored Arc. At…
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Laser Cutting

service info Laser cutting is a well renowned manufacturing process which has been proven to eliminate the need for machining on many engineering jobs, enabling significant cost savings pertaining to…
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service info V-grooving is extremely useful in precision works and bending of corners to maintain the edges. Bending of metals and alloys utilizing V-grooving machines allow for it to be…
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CNC Lathe works

service info CNC Lathe machines are extremely flexible cutting devices which can be applied to versatile materials including wood and aluminium for a variety of purposes including turning, knurling, drilling…
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service info The marking of materials using an engraving machine is a very precise and clean form of processing them. Customization via markings such as serial numbers, data matrix codes…
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